Aromasin. Aromatase inhibitors.

The Aromasin is an aromatase inhibitor and is commonly used in the adjuvant treatment of postmenopausal women with invasive breast cancer at an early stage, and estrogen receptor positive, following initial adjuvant tamoxifen therapy for 2-3 years.Aromasin – Exemestane Structural formula of exemestane, active ingredient in Aromasin.
AROMASIN is also indicated in the treatment of breast cancer at an advanced stage, in women who are post-natural or induced menopause, in which the disease has progressed following anti-estrogen therapy.
The dose commonly used for cancer therapy is 25 mg (one tablet), to be taken every day on a full stomach for a prolonged period of a few years.
Its action is very similar to the other aromatase inhibitors such as Arimidex and Femara have already seen that we will see then. By inhibiting the aromatase prevents the conversion of testosterone to estradiol, with all the pros and cons already described before and therefore I will not repeat.
At a dosage of 25mg / day, exemestane reduces by up to 85% conversion to estrogen, and this translates into a reduction up to 50% total of estradiol, resulting in increased production of endogenous testosterone.
The aromasin has its own peculiarities that is interesting to mention.  They known by the name of suicide inhibitor, by inhibiting the enzyme aromatase permanently, that is, once it is bound to the enzyme, this is no longer able to function. Instead other aromatase inhibitors, once decoupled by the enzyme, let still active. In the field andrology, Aromasin has the unique ability to increase the endogenous production of testosterone along with the natural production of IGF 1. His Arimidex and Femara counterparts can not make that claim.

That is why Aromasin is also used in the doping, during a cycle of AAS, with the aim is to obtain a hard and dry physical (thanks to the reduction of estrogen), is to get an anabolic effect (thanks IGF1) and to both support endogenous testosterone production. Aromasin is also called aromatase inhibitor  has weak androgenic effects including aggression and muscle hardening. For which it is also used illicitly .- in the field of doping – for about 7-14 days before a service or a race, solely for the purpose of obtaining a hard and dry feel. Given the suppression of estradiol due to inhibition of aromatase, the precautions relating all’Aromasin are the same as mentioned in the schedule for all Arimidex (I in fact said he has a similar mechanism of action, with the difference of the production of IGF1 mentioned).