The fluoxymesterone is a derivative of methyltestosterone with the addition of 11b-hydroxy and 9-a-fluoro groups, for oral administration.
As a result there is a powerful pill steroid with strong androgenic properties and the lack of flavor and unlike testosterone, with moderate anabolic effects. This tells us that this drug is not designed for building muscle mass. For it can be safely used by those athletes who need power, lots of power. 20 times more active than methyltestosterone, which proved relevant studies, differs from methyltestosterone the addition of fluoro group in the 9 position is alpha and the addition of the hydroxyl group in position 11-beta, that allows you to block the aromatization. These two modifications improve androgenetic seriously, and increase the relative biological activity of 17-methyltestosterone so it passes through the liver, which makes it very toxic.
Admission (for men):
Athletes it is used in a dose from 5mg to 40mg a day for 2-4-6 weeks.
Because of their specific characteristics are popular in many sports: martial arts, track and field, hockey, power sports, etc.
Debatable use in bodybuilding, because there are more safe products.
Fad weight it can be combined with testosterone and its esters and nandrolone.

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