HGH FRAG 176-191 is the part of the stable molecule of growth hormone, which accelerates metabolism and reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat. Unlike growth hormone, this peptide does not cause hyperglycemia, and has no effect on insulin metabolism, therefore it is safe from the point of view of carbohydrate metabolism. It promotes fat burning is 12.5 times better than the growth hormone and prevent the formation of new fat deposits.
Peptide HGH FRAG 176-191 has a very strong impact on:
stamina and energy level (if desired, You can more and harder to train without fatigue that accelerate weight loss);
it strengthens ligaments, joints and bone tissue, improves the skin condition;
overall, this is a perfect product for total transformation and create a flawless body.
In the use of the peptide it is also possible to increase lean muscle mass, so it mediated the drug has anti-catabolic effect and inhibits lipogenesis.
It is recognized by the drug No. 1 to reduce the percentage of body fat, creating beautiful topography and reduce weight without sacrificing muscles. This is a real find for quality loss!

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