Testosterone Gel

Testosterone gel is used to treat symptoms of androgen deficiency (AD) syndromes. AD can cause low testosterone in men, which may lead to characteristic decreases in energy, metabolism, and sex drive. Like other forms of testosterone therapy, testosterone gel can cause side effects in some men.

What makes the gel unique is that its side effects can spread to others through contact with the medication. Understanding the risks can help protect you and your loved ones from testosterone gel dangers.

The effectiveness of the funds is determined by their compositions. If the composition is used in several active components, then this tool will have the diverse effect.

How to apply Testosterone Gel in the injury.

The main rule: if you simultaneously use several means of external application, then you need to know how to combine them. First, to use only drugs with identical fundamentals. For example, the gel may be used only with the gel the Testosterone Gel to be applied only Testosterone Gel, etc. secondly, included in the composition of the active components should not compete with each other.

If you have suffered an injury or sprain, the first time it is best to use an Testosterone Gel or cream before bed. The next day, apply the product 3 times a day. The day after the injury, you can increase the amount of used funds, however, should only apply it morning and evening.

Apply the Testosterone Gel required a circular motion. Ensure that the external use funds did not get to the sensitive parts of the skin or eyes, nose. After treatment affected area should be kept warm.

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