Testosterone Mix

The name is already clear that this is nothing like a mix testosterones – there is a mixture of all four. At the same time, Sustanon-250 is very fast and efficient. This is ensured by the presence of esters with different duration of action. This steroid has high anabolic and androgenic activity. As a result it causes the increase in strength, endurance and increase body mass.

Main advantages and properties Mix Testosterone Sust is hard to overestimate. Give the main ones:

Long lasting and powerful impact

The recruitment of muscle mass

Strengthening of the body

Increase overall power performance

Increased libido

An increase in appetite

The increase vynoslivost to note the main advantage of this injectable steroid. It is smooth and uniform action, the opportunity to do less injections. It is recommended, and practiced to perform the reception 1 once in 3-5 days. Owing to its prolonged action, and it is 3 weeks, there is an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary injections. This is certainly an advantage Testosterone Mix Sust from Zhengzhou. The dosage should be maintained in the range from 250 to 750 mg per week. Given the concentration of 250 mg on 1 ml a week it will be from 1 to 3 ml. So of vial in 10 ml will last for a long time.

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