Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone suspension is an aqueous solution of nonesterified testosterone. Nonesterified means deprived of essential rest. It is worth noting that all other forms of testosterone contain essential residue. This form of testosterone has its drawbacks and its advantages. So, Suspension of testosterone begins to rapidly “work” faster than any other form. But the probability of manifestation of side effects in Suspensions of more testosterone than any other form. One of the disadvantages of being a painful injection. As solvents in many products used oil or propylene glycol.

Interesting is the fact that testosterone Suspension was invented the 1930s and is the world’s first anabolic steroid. Since the suspension has no ester, it is possible, for example, 100 mg of this drug is nothing but “pure” testosterone up to the last ml. to clearly understand, what is the Suspension different from the other testosterone forms of testosterone, here is an example. So in the 100 mg Testosterone enanthate is only 72 mg of pure testosterone, 28 mg is aired.

Today, no problem Suspension testosterone to order and receive by mail thanks to the existence of online stores.
Athletes often use testosterone Suspension just before a competition because this drug will allow them to quickly come in good shape.

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